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Basic Laparoscopic Techniques

7-9 February 2015
3days seminar focusing on the development of basic skills for the safe application of Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Suturing

7-8 March 2015
2days seminar focusing on the development of laparoscopic suturing skills


15 March 2015

theoretical courses, live surgeries and 6 work stations with hands on, training in diagnostic hysteroscopy, hysteroscopy office (office hysteroscopy), invasive hysteroscopy and risektoskopio.

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A few words for ACET’s Educational Program:

ACET (Associated Centers of Endoscopic Training) is a non profitable educational organization, which was founded in order to cover the education gap, created by the radical development of medical technology, in relation to the standard and until now acceptable classic surgery.

ACET aims to expand the audience of Laparoscopic Surgery, by teaching the safe application of surgical techniques, emphasizing to the prevention and confrontation of complications.

For this purpose, an educational program was created, including a series of seminars, during which the participants can attend either solely or by completing the educational cycle. During those seminars, the participants have the possibility to attend lectures, live laparoscopic surgeries and to be trained safely in models, simulators and sedated animals, under the guidance of experienced trainers.

At the end of each seminar, the participants have the ability of receive additional practice time, to ACET’s state-of-the-art training center. This educational program, has been created in cooperation with acknowledged training centers in the U.K., such as the Welsh Institute of Minimal Access Therapy.